Delta International Customs is a member of Delta International Services group of companies. 

Our customs broker specializes in the provision of customs clearance services for all groups of goods according to the Ukrainian Classification of Goods of Foreign Economic Activity (HS code), without exception, using all customs modes. 

When choosing a customs broker, it is important to make sure of his ability to provide prompt, professional and guaranteed services in the exact place of the country where the client needs them, taking into account the specifics of transportation and logistics capabilities. Delta International Customs fully meets the above criteria of a customs broker and is able to carry out customs clearance at almost any customs authority of Ukraine, providing uniform quality of its services.

Delta International Customs is a reputable company with almost 30-year experience in the Ukrainian market. Market developments change the approaches to work with the client, so we make all endeavors to be useful for our clients.

Thanks to our partners, we provide services in any city of Ukraine.


Customs clearance of goods throughout Ukraine

Obtaining the permits for goods during export and import

Classification of the goods according to HS code for customs purposes

Obtaining a certificate of origin Euro-1

Need a customs broker? Contact us, and our specialists will quickly and professionally register and carry out customs clearance of the goods.

Key experts

Herman Taslitskyi

Herman Taslitskyi

Lawyer, Customs Expert, Managing Partner of Delta International Services

Serhii Dekhtiarenko

Serhii Dekhtiarenko

Chief Operations Officer to customs broker services of Delta International Customs