Obtaining the permits for goods during export and import

Timely and appropriate obtaining the permits for customs clearance is an important element for achieving fast and swift customs clearance. The absence of the necessary permit or a mistake therein may affect quality and predictability of customs clearance, as well as the level of taxation of the goods.
We know how to avoid this.

The ability to accurately establish the necessary permits and an experience of obtaining them from public institutions ensure that our customers to obtain the goods in due time and at the expected costs.

We have an experience in obtaining for our clients a large list of the permits for their goods during export or import. Such permits include documents verifying the implementation of relevant types of control, in particular the use of “Single Window”. For example, permits (certificates) for food control, permit for the right to import (export, transit) narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors, veterinary certificate for import of the goods, international veterinary certificate, phytosanitary certificate, quarantine certificate, permits for dual-purpose goods and others.

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Key experts

Herman Taslitskyi

Lawyer, Customs Expert, Managing Partner of Delta International Services


Serhii Dekhtiarenko

Chief Operations Officer to customs broker services of Delta International Customs