Customs clearance of goods throughout Ukraine

One of the factors for the success of international trade is proper and timely customs clearance.

Which customs clearance services do we provide?

1. We carry out customs clearance of the goods and advise on all customs issues.
2. We give recommendations on the best organization of international trade transactions. 
3. We carry out a qualified legal expertise of client’s documents for their submission to customs authority.
4. We ensure obtaining the necessary permits for import/export of the goods.
5. We reduce risks and provide further protection of the result of customs clearance.  

Why Delta International Customs?

1. We carry out customs clearance of the goods in any customs modes subject to obtaining the necessary permits and approvals from controlling authorities.
2. We have an experience in customs clearance of complex cases, also in:

  • “multi-product deliveries”,
  • re-export and re-import, 
  • dual-purpose goods
  • temporary import/export,
  • deliveries under periodic and temporary customs declarations and others.

3. 30-year experience in customs clearance of the goods allows us to predict and avoid possible problems.
4. We have an experience in customs clearance of most goods in accordance with the HS code, in particular:

  • medical goods,
  • fuel materials,
  • coal,
  • equipment and spare parts,
  • excise goods,
  • wagons and containers,
  • electrical appliances,
  • food products, etc.

5. Legal support of customs clearance at all stages of customs control.

Where do we work?

The central office is located in Kyiv. Thanks to partnership and many years of experience, we provide customs clearance services throughout Ukraine, including: Rivne, Vinnytsia, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Odessa, Lutsk.

Are you Interested in customs clearance of goods throughout Ukraine? Our specialist will help you quickly collect documents and go through the product cleaning procedure. Call us, and we will help you. 

Key experts

Herman Taslitskyi

Herman Taslitskyi

Lawyer, Customs Expert, Managing Partner of Delta International Services

Serhii Dekhtiarenko

Serhii Dekhtiarenko

Chief Operations Officer to customs broker services of Delta International Customs