Obtaining a certificate of origin Euro-1

The Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union provides for a significant reduction in import duty rates or cancellation thereof on most goods which are the subject to mutual trade. However, such a preference is possible only if an exporter provides appropriate certificate of origin of the goods in form EURO-1. Early verification of the possibility of obtaining the certificate EURO-1 and setting the conditions for obtaining thereof is an exporter’s confidence of fulfilling his/her obligations towards the buyer and reducing the cost of exported goods to Europe.

Our company has necessary qualifications to prepare the required documents and arrange obtaining the certificate of origin Euro-1 from customs authority. And if necessary, we are able to renew the preferential mode and repay overpaid funds.

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Key experts

Herman Taslitskyi

Lawyer, Customs Expert, Managing Partner of Delta International Services


Serhii Dekhtiarenko

Chief Operations Officer to customs broker services of Delta International Customs