Transfer pricing

Before commencing the work on preparing the Report on controlled transactions, it is necessary to identify them. At this stage, we will help you to carry out an inventory of business transactions for the presence of controlled transactions, determine their volume, and perform a preliminary analysis of the transfer pricing method.

Preparing the transfer pricing documentation involves development of a complete package of documents necessary to verify the compliance of controlled transaction conditions with the “arm’s length” principle. Development of a complete package of transfer pricing documentation involves an audit of controlled transactions, preparation of a package of documentation justifying the choice of price verification method and compliance of controlled transaction conditions with the “arm’s length” principle, updating the package of documentation upon receipt of a request from controlling authorities, supporting the inspection of controlling authorities for transfer pricing.

Preparing a study of comparable companies and profitability indicators, in case of preparing the transfer pricing documentation by customer independently.

At your request, we will prepare a study of comparable companies, a calculation of profitability indicators and a range of profitability.

Work in the field of transfer pricing means a set of tasks requiring prompt daily processing. Our company provides consultancy on transfer pricing both on an ongoing basis and on a one-time basis. Our specialists will help you analyze transactions to determine whether they are classified as controlled transactions, prepare a report on controlled transactions, identify opportunities to optimize the structure of intra-group agreements to eliminate transfer pricing risks. We also provide assistance in development of internal transfer pricing policies and can train your employees on this issue.

Preparing the transfer pricing documentation requires special knowledge in the field of taxation, pricing, marketing, etc. We will be happy to share our experience in this area with you and help your employees understand all the intricacies of such a concept as “transfer pricing”. Our specialists will accompany you at every stage of documentation preparation, help develop the documentation structure, perform a functional analysis, choose an appropriate method for each specific transaction, calculate financial and profitability indicators, determine comparable transactions and calculate the price/profitability range.

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Oksana Puzko

Oksana Puzko

Certified Auditor, Tax Consultant, Transfer Pricing Specialist